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MJM Workwear is unrivalled when it comes to offering choice in the hospitalitywear market. We offer the complete solution for dressing your service teams from the front of house reception and waiting staff to the Michelin starred chefs and pot washers in the kitchens. What sets us aside from the competition is our huge colour range with key pieces available in up to fifty shades so it’s easy to build out a staff uniform that has a cohesive theme running throughout.

Interior design is what ives your hotel its unique personality, from your choice of furniture and fabrics, to the accessories and details that help bring it to life.  At MJM Workwear we design staff uniform choices with that same idea in mind, so you can create a stunning impression that works effortlessly from receiption, right through to the kitchen.

Colour is king.  Take inspiration from your decor and choose hints of colour for shirts or waistcoats, Fron of house staff can reflect bold apron choices in satin ties they wear.  From a choice of 50 incredible colours that all work beautifully together - just lie you and your staff.